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Our goal is to provide Emergency Management consulting services to Local Governments, Private Industry, Houses of Worship, and individuals across North America.
After spending 27 years dedicated to public service and building world class and progressive Emergency Management Agencies, Keenan Campbell retired as the Director of Emergency Management for the 8th largest County in Illinois and formed the Disaster Group.

We are driven by values

Let us help you achieve your goals.
This passion for Emergency Management is the basis for everything we do . We teach citizens and businesses to “Self Solve” during a disaster so why not bring this knowledge to the masses.
Not everyone thinks about the world like an Emergency Manager does. We have distinct personality traits that allow us to see the world from all angles. This translates into an empowering and motivating outlook.


We understand that time is money, and we will value your time as we
assist you.


Emergency Management and training is our passion and woven into
our DNA.


We’ve spent years learning how to navigate the complexity of disasters and public policy.

Keenan D. Campbell, IPEM

Founder & CEO

Keenan D. Campbell, IPEM

Founder & CEO

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